Gyros (or Yeeros as is pronounced) is the national "feel good" food of Greece. Every day millions of Gyros wraps are sold worldwide to an ever-growing audience of food lovers.

The experience of eating a wrap (souvlaki) is unique. It combines the soft pita bread, the refreshing tzatziki yoghurt sauce, the premium quality marinaded meat and fresh salad and herbs.

It is very healthy and nutritious too, providing a well balanced meal.


All meat products are produced in Greece, pre-cooked and fresh frozen packed in 1kg packaging. Ready to serve in 2 to 6 minutes.

The meat is processed with the strictest and advanced methods following faithfully the finest traditional recipes. Marinaded solely with the simplest of ingredients, for the moist, delicious taste that Greece is famous for internationally: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Honey, Fresh Yoghurt, Finest Quality Fresh Herbs.

All meats are gluten-free and never with MSG.

One of the most important elements of the Production is education, information and the application of this, regarding the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices as Health and Food Safety Policy.

All our suppliers are certified by all major food safety regulating institutes and also certified to the ISO22000:2005 Food and Safety Management standards.

The tradition

Traditionally Gyros is made with a round soft pita bread, the tzatziki sauce (with strained yoghurt, garlic, cucumber and herbs), fresh tomato, and onion and of course the signature meat. Lately, chips have been added to the recipe for a fuller taste.

It got its name from the original gyroscopic method of cooking the meat.

Its popularity has travelled beyond the Greek borders to give the famous Gyros wrap (or souvlaki) a global recognition.

It is often confused with the Turkish Kebab or the Middle East Shawarma but the Gyros has not much in common with any of these.

For the true lovers of Gyros, there is simply nothing like it!


The Gyros wrap is a very profitable dish with high demand.

Andreas, the founder of Bee & Olive and GGBA will personally train the staff in every shop and explain the recipes and methods to make selling the famous wraps a success for your business!

Best example of this success is Andreas's own shop in Truro, Cornwall as well as the feedback from other shops in the region.

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