About Bee & Olive

Importers of premium quality authentic products from Greece.

We are food enthusiasts and connoisseurs of quality. Through Bee & Olive, we introduce to our customers the finest from the Greek food market. We handpick all our products as part of our vision to offer an authentic Mediterranean experience. At Bee & Olive each product is imported by us and sold in its original packaging, just like you'd find it in a food store somewhere in Greece.

Our Products

At Bee & Olive we offer exclusively the awarded extra virgin olive oil and olives Vivelia, mountain tea from Olympus and many other herbal teas from the Greek nature - supplied by the Avramoglou family since 1972 and some excellent varieties of pure honey.

We are always happy to pick up the phone and talk to you about any of our products so feel free to call if any queries.

WHOLESALE AVAILABLE for specialty deli and nutrition shops