About Bee & Olive

We are food enthusiasts and connoisseurs of quality food products. Through Bee & Olive, we introduce to our customers the finest from the Greek food market. We handpick all our products as part of our vision to offer an authentic Mediterranean experience. At Bee & Olive each product is imported and sold in its original packaging, just like you'd find it in a food store somewhere in Greece.

The Products

At Bee & Olive we are proud to offer the following products;

Vivelia - Awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oil. One of the best brands of EVOO in Greece, Vivelia has received a number of awards for its superior taste and nutritional value. The most recent and prestigious awards are the Gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition (IOOC) in 2018 and the Gold medal at the London IOOC in 2018 as well.

Vivelia - Whole Olives, including the authentic renowned Kalamon olives from the village where they got their name from. These olives are freshly picked and vacuum packed whole in brine.

Pure Honey varieties, including the very rare and unique Oak (Black) honey and Arbutus (Bitter) honey.

Dry herbs. Premium quality montane Oregano and Lemon pepper are some of the most popular aromatic dry herbs from Greece.

Pure Sea Salt from Mesologgi. This is one of the best sea salt varieties in the world. Thin and 100% pure.